A cuter Teemo obviously implies that you gain more gold when hitting him! Slay lots of Teemos to unlock skins.

-"Hey, this is starting to make sense."

Description Edit

Teemo Skins increase total Gold per Second [GpS] for a one-time fee. Additional Teemo skins are unlocked as you kill more and more Teemos. The number of kills required to unlock each additional skin is 1,000 times the number of kills for the previous skin. The cost of each Teemo skin also increase by 1,000 times the cost of the previous skin.

$ Kills = 1,000 * (1,000^{skins unlocked}) $

$ Cost = 1,000,000 * (1,000^{skins unlocked}) $

Skin BonusEdit

The bonus the skins provide is additive or the sum of the bonuses for each skin owned. For example,

You own Recon, Cottontail, and Astronaut Teemo skins.
In total they provide a bonus of 5 (0.5 + 1.5 + 3).

Skin ListEdit

Below is the list of unlockable skins, when they unlock and the cost to purchase them.

Skin Icon Kills Required Cost (gold) Bonus

Recon Teemo
-"They just painted his face!"

Recon teemo
1 Thousand 1 Million 0.5

Cottontail Teemo

Cottontail teemo
1 Million 1 Billion 1.5

Astronaut Teemo
-" "

Astronaut teemo
1 Billion 1 Trillion 3

Super Teemo
-"It's a Valor... It's a Corki..."

Super teemo
1 Trillion 1 Quadrillion 5

Badger Teemo
-"Need. More. Skins."

Badger teemo.png
1 Quadrillion 1 Quintillion 5

Panda Teemo
-"Deadly Cute!"

Panda teemo
1 Quintillion 1 Sextillion 5
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