Passives are special bonuses that you can choose from the start of the game. You are able to choose one of them and you cannot choose again unless you restart the game. Passives will help you throughout your whole course of the game and they cannot be refunded. If you reset with a certain amount of gold you gain prestige based on how much gold you resetted with, this can be a great strat to help you reset the game with a better value and a new passive.

List of PassivesEdit

Gangplank (PASSIVE)

Gold Generation: Your GpS is increased by 5%


Hybrid Power: 30% of your AD is added to your AP, 15% of your AP is added to your AD

Tryndamere (PASSIVE)

Cursor Hit Power: Your cursor hit power is increased by 10%


Big Blue Watery Road: Your Cooldown Reduction is now 80%, and is not affected by items
Note: This passive is unlocked after reaching 1 trillion teemos slain all time.

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