Items are to empower your hits(clicks) on Teemo and improve the champions you hire. You can have at most 6 items with the exception of RIP Tier items. You can sell items for 50% of their cost to purchase other items. There are four tiers of items to purchase from: Tier 1: Basic, Tier 2: Advanced, Tier 3: Legendary, and RIP Tier. RIP Tier items are unlocked at 1 million Teemos Slain.


Multiple of the same item can be bought, but the stats that stack are limited to NON-UNIQUE stats. A set of items can be seen to the right. It includes (from right to left): Infinity Edge, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Rabadon's Deathcap, The Bloodthirster, Trinity Force, and Haunting Guise.

Item StatsEdit


Each item has different stats associated with it. These stats can give a boost to cursor hit power, bonus Gold per Second [GpS] generation, and unique abilities. These stats are tracked and displayed in the left-most section under Inventory. The item shop was revamped in version 1.12. Click here to view the previous version.

Stat Description
Cursor Hit Power

Provides a flat damage bonus per cursor click on Teemo, increasing gold generated per click by the indicated amount

Flat GpS

Increases gold generated per second by a flat amount

Ability Power (AP)

Increases the gold generation of AP and hybrid champions by 0.3% per point

Attack Damage (AD)

Increases cursor hit power by 0.03% of total GpS and gold generation of AD and hybrid champions by 0.2% per point

Armor/Magic Penetration

Currently provides a percentage boost to GpS (will be changed in future update)

Cooldown Reduction

Reduces the cooldown on activated item abilities by a percentage, capped at 40%

Critical Strike Chance

Increases the chance of doubling cursor hit power when clicking on Teemo

Global GpS multiplier

Increases gold generated per second by a percentage

Item ListEdit

Below is a table of all items with their stats and costs.

Tier 1: BasicEdit

Item Icon Cost (gold) Stats

Doran's Blade



+1 cursor hit power
Doran's Ring
Doran's Ring item
150 +2 flat GpS

Tier 2: AdvancedEdit

Item Icon Cost (gold) Stats
The Brutalizer
The Brutalizer item

+20 AD
+10% cooldown reduction (UNIQUE)
+10 flat armor penetration (UNIQUE)

Haunting Guise

+30 AP
+15 flat magic penetration (UNIQUE)

The Lightbringer
The Lightbringer item

+40 AD
+10% critical strike chance

Tier 3: LegendaryEdit

Item Icon Cost (gold) Stats
The Bloodthirster

+100 AD
+10% AD (UNIQUE)

Rabadon's Deathcap
Rabadon's Deathcap item

+150 AP
+15% AP (UNIQUE)

Trinity Force
Trinity Force item

+30 AP
+30 AD
+10% critical strike chance
UNIQUE ACTIVE - Spellblade: Your next Teemo hit will be worth an additional 30 seconds of your GpS (10 min cooldown)

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Youmuu's Ghostblade item

+40 AD
+15% critical strike chance
+10% cooldown reduction
UNIQUE ACTIVE - Frenzy: Your cursor's power is doubled for 10 seconds (5 min cooldown)

Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge item

+80 AD
+20% critical strike chance (UNIQUE)
UNIQUE PASSIVE - Brutal Strikes: +50% critical strike damage

RIP TierEdit

Item Icon Cost (gold) Stats
Heart of Gold
1,000,000,000 x (10^number owned)

+25% global GpS multiplier
("RIP in peace")

Philosopher's Stone
1,000,000,000 x (10^number owned)

+25% global GpS multiplier
("Ripperoni pepperoni")

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