What is GpS?Edit

GpS is what determines how much gold you can earn per second. There are alot of ways to increase your Gold such as Buying Teemo Skins, Upgrading and buying more Champions, buying Items etc. There might be certain ways to increase your GpS but currently there is not a whole lot of ways you can increase your GpS.

The most common way to increase your GpS is to buy Champions. GpS currently cannot be reduced in any way currently but there might be something added to reduce your GpS in the future. GpS is also increased bonusly by special items such as Deathfire Grasp's Active, Doom, Or Youmouu's active. 

Builds to Increase your GpSEdit

There are lots of builds that can be used to increase your GpS and alot of them are certainly unique. Most common builds are full on AD, AP or just simply a mix of both. Hybrid is reliant on GpS and clicking at the same time, AD is reliant on clicking alot, and AP is reliant on GpS. 

Here are a few examples of good builds:

The AP Build: Last Whisper, 2x Deathfire Grasp, Rabadons Deathcap,Voi'id Staff', and Haunting Guise

Reason why I picked these items:

2x Deathfire Grasps is much better then 2x Rabadons because of the Deathfire's passive CDR (Cooldown Reduction)

Last Whisper is part of the build because the AD penetration is very good for buffing your AD Champions

I put the Rabadons in this build because it's all-around good for any AP build.

I also put one Haunting Guise because of the excellent bonus Magic Pen. it gives you. Just remeber not to stack the Haunting Guise

The AD Build: Last Whisper, Rabadons, Infinity Edge, Youmouu's Ghostblade, Void Staff, and Bloodthirster.

I putted Last Whisper in because of it's insane GpS boost it gives out.

Void Staff is the same thing like Last Whisper

Infinity Edge buffs your crits really hard and makes you get alot of Gold from clicking

Youmouu's has excellent synergy with other AD items and it's Active goes really well with the main AD idea (which is clicking)

Rabadons Deathcap is like the AP version of a Bloodthirster and can give you alot of AP boost because you don't want to leave your AP Champions unbuffed and useless. It has also a really good synergy with Void Staff.

Those are currently the most basic Item Sets. There are other ways too but i'll leave it for know. If you would like to share your build i'll add yours to this page

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