An Example of the Achievements.

Achievements are challenges put in place to keep the player interested and working toward a goal. Here is a quick list of the achievements in Teemo Slayer. There are currently no rewards for getting the Achievements and it will certainly take some time to achieve them. The developer does intend to add rewards to the achievements as a clearer end-game is defined. More achievements are to be added as new champions are added and barriers are broken by the players. To the right is an example of the achievement page.

List of AchievementsEdit

Below is a list of all current achievements and their requirements for unlocking. More achievements will be added in the future along with rewards for reaching each achievement. (Note that the rewards for Achievements is likely to happen but not confirmed)

Achievement Description Requirement Reward (Coming soon)
FIRST BLOOD "Now recall and buy boots" Kill Teemo Once
RECRUIT "That's 2 pentakills!" Kill 10 Teemos
YORDLE HATER "You really hate him" Kill 1000 Teemos
BRONZE SLAYER "Time to rank up!" Kill 1 Million Teemos
SILVER SLAYER Kill 1 Billion Teemos
GOLD SLAYER Kill 1 Trillion Teemos
PLATINUM SLAYER Kill 1 Quadrillion Teemos
DIAMOND SLAYER "You monster!" Kill 1 Quintillion Teemos
CHALLENGER SLAYER "...How?" Kill 1 Sextillion Teemos
RYZE PLAYER "Zap!" Level 100 Ryze
DARIUS PLAYER "Exploit every weakness." Level 100 Darius
RUMBLE PLAYER "Now we're cookin'." Level 100 Rumble
RIVEN PLAYER "I am awakened." Level 100 Riven
SYNDRA PLAYER "More! I can be so much more!" Level 100 Syndra
JAX PLAYER "It's on!" Level 100 Jax
MORDEKAISER PLAYER "You only need to click once, fool!" Level 100 Mordekaiser
LEE SIN PLAYER "We do what we must." Level 100 Lee Sin
KASSADIN PLAYER "Balance above all else." Level 100 Kassadin
ZED PLAYER "No technique is forbidden." Level 100 Zed
HEIMERDINGER PLAYER "Working as intended!" Level 100 Heimerdinger
DRAVEN PLAYER "Now this is how to move." Level 100 Draven
AKALI PLAYER "Mark Acquired." Level 100 Akali
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